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About Me

My first experience with photography was in high school, on the school yearbook staff. My school had a dark room where we learned to shoot, develop, and print black and white film. (Thanks Mrs. Martin!) Later I completed 3 years of a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography at the University of North Texas, but in the last year decided to "transfer" to a small, private school in Rome, Italy, il Istituto Superiore di Fotografia e Communicazione Integrata, or ISFCI for short. I graduated after one year with a diploma for the Superiore Triennale course in photography. In 2010 I moved to New York City where I pursued fashion and portrait work. After a few years my interests pivoted from fashion to music, and also video. After a year or so of learning on the go with small projects for restaurants, social events, and a few fashion designers, I was hired by a small record label, to direct, shoot and edit several music videos. In 2015 I moved to Berlin, bringing with me one remote client from NY (A+E Networks), and have been working independently on projects with mostly musicians, but also dancers, poets, painters, fashion designers, and (very slowly) a personal documentary project about my German roots. I generally work independently, producing, directing, shooting and editing everything myself, but I also have a few friends I team up with for bigger projects. I plan to remain in Berlin for the foreseeable future, and am available for projects in Germany and around Europe.
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